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Welcome to Fldragon - Paranormal Attachments & Clearings


For over 30 years I have helped people with their Paranormal & Spiritual issues.


I work alongside my Spiritual Healer Guides & with Universal Energy to help and guide people either in person or connecting via distance, using photos. Read more.

Hauntings, Attachments and Removing Spells & Voodoo are what I specialise in most but there are other areas that I work within, such as, helping people to relieve stress through Healing & Magnetism and giving Spiritual Guidance.
If you or someone you know could do with help in these areas, please feel free to get in touch with me.
John / fldragon

You are invited to explore my site and are welcome to do the Meditations written by my wife and I, or if the purpose of your visit is to request my services, you can click below to send me a message.